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A&I Fire and Water Restoration in Charleston and the Surrounding Areas!

When you are the victim of fire or water damage, it can be both devastating and costly. The best way to clean things up, get back to business, and mitigate any further damage is to hire a trusted fire and water restoration company that serves Charleston and the surrounding areas. At A&I Fire and Water Restoration, we offer the most comprehensive clean-up and restoration services in the industry. We do so when you need us most – we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our mission is to ensure not just that your home or office is repaired, but also that it is deemed habitable and safe as quickly as possible.

Trusted Restoration Company in Charleston and Surrounding Areas!

A fire is one of the most devastating events in someone’s life. As destructive as it is, there is often a great amount of loss, including the structural integrity of the building itself. At A&I Fire and Water Restoration, we go to great lengths to ensure that everyone is safe, then to make sure that the structure is deemed inhabitable. After we get in and do our work, it is hard to tell that fire even happened. We also seek to deliver on time and on a cost-conscious budget to ease the burden of your loss!

Water Restoration in Charleston and Surrounding Areas!

Water is generally a pretty benign substance, but not when it comes to things like drywall and carpeting. A water leak or mishap can cause a whole lot of damage, especially if it’s not addressed immediately. At A&I Water and Fire Restoration, we not only clean up after a leak or flood; we take precautionary measures to address moisture and mildew before mold develops. If not handled properly, a small leak can lead to some disastrous consequences, including mold growth. When you have a flood, prevention is always the best medicine to get you back to business as quickly as possible while mitigating any further damage. Our team is not only thorough; we deliver 24/7 to provide the help you need when you need it most!

Charleston and Surrounding Area Mold Remediation

When water or moisture are not addressed immediately, the result often is mold. A lot of attention has been paid to mold over the past several decades because of the effects it can have, like the risk of chronic illness. When you do have mold spores present, the way that you remove them matters. If mold spores become airborne, then they can continue to circulate, wreaking havoc on the surrounding environment. At A&I Fire and Water Restoration, we are certified mold remediation experts who understand the importance of following mold removal protocol. We have the experience to ensure that it is done 100% correctly. Don’t leave your mold issue to chance – hire our experts to make sure it is done correctly!

Specialty Services for Fire and Water Restoration in Charleston and Surrounding Areas

Every fire or water catastrophe happens differently and affects different things, which is why you need a team of experts that can come in and assess what needs to be done to ensure that all parts of the project are handled correctly. At A&I Fire and Water Restoration, we have the industry knowledge and proven experience to tackle all specialty services for your restoration project from start to finish. We are also available around the clock when you need us most, not just during office hours. Our mission is to get your home or office up and running as quickly as possible and put your world back together so you can return to life as you know it. If you have had a fire or water incident, don’t delay – contact us today!