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A & I Fire and Water Restoration - We're Here When Disaster Strikes

Fire Restoration

The effects of fire damage, whether it be from a lightning strike, a candle left burning, or even a kitchen fire can be extremely devastating to any home or business owner. Fire damage can lead to an unsafe environment for you and
your loved ones. A&I is here to handle every obstacle you may face in restoring your home or business to its former state and help to get your life back on track.

Water Restoration

The effects of water damage, whether it be from a broken water pipe or an unfortunate flood disaster, is a situation that requires immediate response. The experienced professionals at A&I Restoration stand ready to respond to any water related disaster, at your home or business, with speed and efficiency. A&I Fire and Water Restoration has the experience and necessary equipment to help you.

Mold Remeadiation

Mold, in a home or business, can have wide ranging effects to both the structure itself, and the people who frequent the building. Due to the health concerns of mold it requires intricate steps to eliminate and eradicate the mold problem. The experienced professionals at A&I Fire and Water Restoration are skilled in determining and removing the cause to effectively eradicate the mold problem.

Recent Renovations

Why A & I Fire and Water Restoration?

Since 1972, A & I Fire and Water Restoration has been building an award winning reputation of quality and commitment up and down the Carolina Coast. From Wilmington to Florence and Myrtle Beach to Charleston – Everyday our passion for excellence, quality, and superior service shows in getting your world back to normal again.

For over 40 years our goal has been to make sure that your experience with A & I Fire and Water Restoration is responsive, pain-free, and meets with the highest standards when disaster strikes your family or business. Whether it’s water damage, fire, or mold…we’re here to help make your house a home again.

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