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Contact: Benchmark Management

Windsor Green and Windsor Green II: Fire

Homeowners and Tenants,

It is with great sadness that I write this letter.  Our community at Windsor Green and Windsor Green II suffered a major tragedy yesterday, losing 26 buildings with several others damaged by a fire.  We understand the emotions and challenges each of you are facing. With the support of our Windsor Green family and our local community, we will persevere.

Over the past 24 hours our local governmental entities have provided immediate and on-going assistance.  These entities have been dedicated to securing not only our community, but surrounding areas that were threatened by the fire.   On behalf of the Windsor Green and Windsor Green II communities we would like to thank the following entities:

*Horry County Fire Department                *North Myrtle Beach Fire Department

*Myrtle Beach Fire Department                *Conway Fire Department

*Horry County Police Department            *Horry County Sheriff’s Department

*Horry County Emergency Management  *Horry County Communications

*Horry County Administration                  *Horry County Crisis Management

*Forestry Commission                                 *Red Cross

*SLED                                                              *ATF

*SC Highway Patrol

We know our homeowners and tenants are eager to visit their property.  At this time, the property has not been released by authorities.  The release of our property is still “To Be Determined”, but once complete we will be ready to assist.  Each of the building sites is being surveyed for items of value by local authorities.  If items are recovered, they will be securely stored so they can be returned to the appropriate owner.

To assist local authorities, we are asking for each resident of Windsor Green and Windsor Green II to call 843-997-6970.  The number will be answered by Horry County Police and will allow for help with accountability of each resident.

To help with the recovery process, we have utilized the guidance and support of A&I Fire and Water Restoration.  A&I has set up a satellite office on-site in preparation to provide assistance to everyone.  To ensure each of your questions are being answered, A&I has established two phone lines and an email dedicated to Windsor Green.  The phone lines and email will open up tomorrow morning at 8am.  The contact info is as follows:

Phone Line 1: 843-236-2047

Phone Line 2: 843-236-2015

Email address:

We have included photos of the Windsor Green and Windsor Green II communities on the Benchmark Management website at

As further information becomes available we will update our website and utilize local media outlets.  Thank you to everyone for their patience and support.



Benchmark Management

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